Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian

About four years back, I laid my hand on a book titled "If God was a Banker" by Ravi Subramanian in the Visakhapatnam Railway Station to engage myself in reading while travelling back to Bangalore.  Usually, I am not interested in Fiction books but prefer to read either biographies or motivational books.  Being an ex-banker, this book attracted my attention by chance and I enjoyed.  Ravi is an alumnus of IIM-B and worked in a Foreign Bank.  The book brought out several live issues in a banker's career and compared two management graduates in their movement up the ladder in banking career.  Lots of learning, of course on the practices in multinational banks and the cut-throat competition among peers.

Having become a fan of Ravi, I picked the next three books viz., Devil in Pinstripes, Incredible Banker and I bought a Monk's Ferari in the following years and read them all with keen interest.  Each of the book gave me some live experiences of a banker or a professional in a non-banking finance company.  In the process, I somehow also became a pen-friend of Ravi thanks to Face Book.  The latest of his books is "The Bankster" released on Oct 19, 2012 (coinciding with my sixty years of life) and I got it delivered through Flipkart. I have started reading enthusiastically and reminiscing the typical branch banking, cards, financial services like insurance and so on.  More after I complete the book.  But, last week I picked two more books in Bangalore (The Scam) and Mumbai (Flame) waiting for me to take up one by one.  New habit is keeping me engaged to compensate my living alone in Manipal away from my family in Bangalore. 

Flame, The Story of My Mother, Shahnaz Husain. - A book by Nelofar Curri...

It was a chance stopping at the book stall in Mumbai Airport on Nov 07, 2012 for window shopping and I ended up buying this book on the life of Shahnaz Hussain, the woman entrepreneur par excellence from India.  On a quick reading of cover page and epilogue, I came to know that she has her roots in Hyderabad, belongs to a traditional but aristocratic family.  So strange it is that she was engaged at 14, married at 16 and became a mother at 17. Rest is all her life story to hit global head lines.