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How To Make a Research Proposal

Research Methodology Conceptual Foundation

02 - Culture of Success - What Is Branding?

Blue Ocean Strategy: Making the Competition Irrelevant

FRANCE 24 The Interview - Interview with Richard Branson Virgin Group fo...

Sir Richard Branson Profile: Men with Mojo Series

I bought a quick read book by Richard Branson titled "Screw it; Let's Do it". It is a lean but comprehensive life story of Branson on his childhood, school days, business ventures, hobbies like flying in hot balloons and other adventures too. A very specimen indeed. Another School dropout who became globally famous for his risk taking business acumen and travelling world over for fun and peacemaking.

Yet another banking platform?

This is an interesting development. ICICI Bank and Manipal Academy has been churning out batches of young Probationary Officers through this platform in the expansion program of the bank.

Now, Bank of Baroda is also partnering with Manipal for a similar avenue to increase the employability of young qualified and talented youth to join the Nationalised Bank. 

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Academically and Intellectually Challenged Persons!

Intellectually Challenged

During this week, in a very lighter mood, I wrote a blog on CSR in which I inserted two new funny concepts like Academically Challenged (for students) and Intellectually Challenged (for teachers).  Today, out of curiosity, when I gave google search for both the words, surprisingly I got responses.  Here I am giving one link for the Intellectually Challenged.  What a strange thinking and turning in to reality?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to make your cellphone into a money maker!

How to make your cellphone into a money maker!

sbi crew vs freakshow crew bboy uniti 3

2009-4-1 SBI Student Award Ceremony 08-09

2008-11-21 SBI Open Day 2008, Dance Society Performance


SBI Hyderabad.wmv


One Rupee

One Rupee

Inclusive Banking - SBI

Inclusive Banking - SBI

Inclusive Banking - SBI

Glitch in OnlineSBI (State Bank of India's online banking system)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sultans of South-- Sagar Ratna-- From utility boy to restaurateur.flv

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is being used and also misused or abused by some intelligent people.  A foreign returned Ph.D. who was a Distinguished Professor abroad and Dean of a local B-School in India has now designated himself as a Chairman cum Chancellor of a Private University.  What was a mere franchisee type of colleges in Arts, Science, Commerce and Management about fifteen years back has now become a leading B-School (without approval from AICTE) some five years back and recently was made a State approved University.

The Corporate Governance, Admissions, Administration, Academic Discipline, Placements, Research, etc., have no meaning in this set up.  They adopt a typical "hire and fire" of the faculty and staff while Admissions are made on a simple format only through a second-grade entrance examination and mere viva-voce.  In an important meeting of the institute's meetings, the boss seemed to have used a very charitable word that they are offering a 'second chance' to the needy students to get themselves into Management Education (even though they charge over Rs. 10 lacs for a two year PGDM).  To substantiate this arguement, the head says that the eligibility criteria has been cut down from sixty per cent in UG level to fifty per cent...........

I only call it that the Institute is entertaining and encouraging "academically" or "educationally" challenged undergrads to pursue MBA level education and enter the corporate world with their placments process.  Interestingly, they source applications from all over India through agents and not advertisements.  I was also considering an idea to term its 'faculty recruitment' also to be affording an opportunity to join the tribe under a formula of "Intellecually Challenged"; they are offered huge pay packets and high sounding designations too. - CNBC-TV 18 Young Turks Coverage

CNBC Young Turks featuring Mr. Vineet Bajpai, CEO, Magnon Solutions

Young Turks Coverage_OnMobile_CNBC.wmv

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Sultans of South: Rajshree Pathy, the sugar baroness 1

India Economic Summit 2009 - Investing in Girls, Investing in Development

It's Goodbye Chindia and Hello Chimerica | Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar | Cato Institute: Commentary

It's Goodbye Chindia and Hello Chimerica Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar Cato Institute: Commentary

For some time, we have been discussing about China and India - Chindia in terms of Dr Manmohan Singh's focus on making our Mumbai as like Shanghai. However, the fat reports on making Mumbai an India's International Finance Centre have not yet materialised. Now, I come across another concept of comparing or combining of China and America with a new word - Chimerica - which is very very interesting.

Private Equity Funding in India

Private Equity Industry in India

About four years back, when I was in Alliance Business School, Bangalore I wrote a Conference Paper on this issue with dr K S Srinivasa Rao as co-author for an International Conference on Business & Finance organised by AIMS International at Hyderabad.  Our paper on Private Equity was included in the Conference Proceedings published and uploaded in their website for next three years Conferences in India and abroad.  Precisely, we expressed our view that there is no law, guidelines, or norms for PE in India vis-a-vis Venture Capital Financing.  It is appreciated that after four-five years, SEBI is contemplating to oversee this important financial activitity. 

TAPMI Admissions 2011 : GD / PIs


It was the second year in success that TAPMI Faculty travelled to Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore besides the Headquarters - Manipal for conducting GD/PIs as part of Admissions process.  Even though it is time taking, expensive and tedious for the Institute to move around, TAPMI has become conscious of the industry practices and competition as also the aspirations / expectations and difficulties of the candidates in facing many entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, IBSAT, NMAT, SNAP, etc and once selected / shortlisted to appear several interviews when shortlisted.

The Faculty have their own expectations and experiences.  It is necessary that an even balance is struck between these two parties - viz., the teachers and taught in a twenty-first century competitive environment.  The students (also a majority of working executives switching over to management education after three to five years of experience) would like to take maximum advantage of all the best of things / offerings. 

Here is a link that gives narrations written by the candidates in the pagalguy platform.  Some times, it is revealing and throws up a host of facts and figures as also certain good or bad features of the selection processes each of the B-Schools adopt.  We should compliment the contributors that they take enough time to recall the stages, announcements, arrangements, deliberations and interview questions / answers.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Away from Manipal

From the 1st April onwards I have been away from Manipal on Official work.  First, it was Kolkata, where we had GD/PIs for TAPMI's admissions process of 2011-13 batch.  We stayed in Pallavi International Hotel and held the GDs in DBS - both in Hungerford Street.  Little bit of outing was possible one two days, even when it was raining on 4th evening and 5th morning.... Four Alumni too associated with the process.  Only miserable experience we had was with the Jet Airways on the 1st night.  When travelling through from Mangalore to Kolkata via Mumbai, the baggage of all the ten passengers was wrongly forwarded to Delhi.  It took hell lot of tension, time and arguements with Jet Office staff to locate them and get back by mid night.

We shifted to Mumbai on the 5th and commenced the work on 6th.  Business as usual, though.  Parallelly, another group headed by Dr Saji Gopinath, Director was handling GDs in Delhi centre for four days.  We need to go through the to know the candidates feed-back and experiences / observations.