Saturday, May 28, 2011

EURO-TRIP-3: Belgium

Calgary Highlanders (100) tribute Canadian liberators in Groningen (part 1)

Frankfurt Airport 2010 HD

Welcome To Frankfurt Airport

Bremen Airport (EDDW) and LFT

Universit├Ąt Bremen

Recreational cycling in the Netherlands - 2

Bikes and trains Study Tour

TAPMI Manipal

Old and New Photos of Manipal, India

Tonse Anantha Pai Management Institute (also known as T A Pai Management Institute or TAPMI) is located in Manipal, Udupi District, Karnataka, India.  It was founded by Shri T A Pai in early eighties as Manipal Institute of Management and later renamed as TAPMI in 1984.   Manipal is an educational hub and was the brain child of Dr Tonse Madhav Ananth Pai (Dr TMA Pai) who was uncle of late Shri T A Pai.    The two major websites of Manipal University and TAPMI are and respectively. 

Besides the information on Manipal disseminated through these websites and various publicity channels, some enthusiasts also blog extensively.  My blog is and I am giving a link to another called Manipal Blog in which several photographs and related information is loaded.  The above is the link.  It is actively managed by Dr Vishal Bhat of Manipal University.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorable Vacation 2011

It was a memorable vacation of one month for me this year.  Immediately after our Convocation on March and a few days, we (faculty teams) moved to different destinations on April 01 for Admissions interviews.  I happened to be in Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore.  Back from this job, and after a few days work, I took annual vacation of one month from April 24 and proceeded to Bangalore (from Manipal) on 23rd itself.

On reaching and while watching news on TV during the day, the sad news of demise of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba was flashed. End of that week, precisely on April 30, I took delivery of Nissan Micra (my daughter's choice) in Bangalore.  On 2nd May the news of Osama Bin Laden's death in Abbottabad by USA forces was flashed.  In the mean time, of course IPL 4 matches have also been going on.  Besides, the tamasha on Elections in Bengal, TN, Assam, Kerala and Pondicherry were also in news.

On 6th I left Bangalore for Kurnool (for research work) and to Hyderabad on the 7th May.  I met almost all my old friends / colleagues and relatives during one week stay roaming round Hyderabad in my Nissan (despite tough traffic) including survey of real estate in the city.  On 13th I started from Hyderabad to Bangalore via Puttaparthi to have a Darshan of the devine place in absence of Baba and reached home by 10 pm.  In Bangalore the hunting was on for fixing up a new flat in comparison to Hyderabad.......

I travelled to Chennai on the 19th by train with the MESM group and stayed a night in Hotel Peninsula.  Next day, it was a smooth sail at the German Consulate for our visas.  On Saturday the 21st, I attended a wedding of my old friend Mr Suryananarayana's (1975 M Com classmate) daughter in Velacherry.  I also met a few old friends of Hyderabad viz., Gopal, Murthy and Rammohan Rao and it was pleasant feeling.

22nd May was the day we had Summer Hues of TAPMIans in Chennai at Hotel Benzz Park, T Nagar.  Having had a satisfying trip, I returned to Bangalore on 23rd only to attend another event - Aparna's son's Upanayanam.  On the evening, I had a pleasant task of seeing off some guests at Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station.  Back home, RK was waiting for a cozy dinner! Now, the work of packing for next month's Euro tour started in a small way that I left behind quite a few of personal belongings for the trip.  Today, I am in Manipal back at work followed by meetings and discussions on the Europe trip at MCES.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nitin Gupta ( Rivaldo) on Draupadi Cheerharan! ( Hindi)

Girigiri Banking!

I got to know of this term 'Girigiri Banking" while reading two books on Microfinance for my research work.  Earlier, I had written about many facets of banking and terminology from A, B, C, D, to....................

Now that my interest is increasing towards my PhD work on Microfinance, let me study this Girigiri Banking and write more in coming days.  Today, I reached Hyderabad by my new car to spend time with friends and relatives as part of my vacation.  Once bak in Manipal, some serious work should re-commence.......

Screw It, Let's Do It

This quick read book by Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson is very interesting.  Surprising and interesting that Ricky is another school dropout genius who was an entrepreneur at this fifteenth year.  I have his other books too to be read.

Last month, I picked up two more books in Bangalore - Connect the Dots by Rashmi Sehgal and the above.  But for my mixed commitments to home, work and research besides travel and acquiring a new car, I should complete reading all those five or six books waiting on my racks in Manipal.

Looking forward for the May 20th visit to Chennai Office of German Consulate for Schengen Visa. Also of course for the much planned five nation study tour with the MESM students.  Hopefully, things go well.