Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two surprise developments this week

First, I received a letter from Krist Foundation of Dharwad, proposing to honour me with a Abdul Kalam Life Time Achievement Award in February in Bangalore.  I sent a consent letter with my profile, photos, etc. I searched in the net about past recipients and also wrote to their President, Dr H Shivappa, IES, Retd from Planning Commission of India, New Delhi and currently working as a Economist-Consultant.  I was told that three former or current Vice Chancellors of Universities like Tirupati, Pondicherry, Pune, Bijapur Women's University, etc either recieved earlier or going to be honoured.  Interesting, of course.  Let me see.

Next, yesterday during an informal dinner meeting, our Director Dr RC Natarajan proposed to me to visit Morocco in North Africa next month to attend an Assessment Conference of AACSB.  I need to find out more details and work on the formalities quickly after returning from my next three days visit to Shirdi with family for a Darshan during Sankranthi festival time.

All these happening amidst host of activities on campus like Leadership Lectures, Founder's Day celebrations, Atharva next week and of course hectic work of Admissions 2013 - GDPI related arrangements after application due dates.