Sunday, November 30, 2014

One more shift in my professional career

On November 15, I bid good bye to TAPMI, Manipal for second and probably last time. It was a very long stint in my professional career, next only to SBI where I worked for 22 plus years and still have a very cordial relationship.  I firmly believed that my love and passion for excellence and sincerity to work hard and with gratitude, made me give my best to TAPMI even in my second stint.  Prominent works I did include Branding, Networking with Alumni, Ranking among top B-Schools, sponsoring at industry related events, nominating faculty and students for various contests and of course handle the Admissions, in which several new initiatives like digital marketing, study of HCM and BKFS programs country-wide and introduce the same.  I have been a mute spectator and witness several odd happenings too. 

For whatever personal and professional developments during these five plus years since 2009, I had to make a firm decision to shift from Manipal to IFIM, Bangalore  I have fully known the differences between TAPMI and IFIM, thanks to the earlier stint at Alliance for less than three years, during its transition days.  Now, it is my choice to work for IFIM, Bangalore while staying together with family, particularly my daughter Sravanthi, who will get married in April 2015.  After all, what is the purpose of life?