Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is being used and also misused or abused by some intelligent people.  A foreign returned Ph.D. who was a Distinguished Professor abroad and Dean of a local B-School in India has now designated himself as a Chairman cum Chancellor of a Private University.  What was a mere franchisee type of colleges in Arts, Science, Commerce and Management about fifteen years back has now become a leading B-School (without approval from AICTE) some five years back and recently was made a State approved University.

The Corporate Governance, Admissions, Administration, Academic Discipline, Placements, Research, etc., have no meaning in this set up.  They adopt a typical "hire and fire" of the faculty and staff while Admissions are made on a simple format only through a second-grade entrance examination and mere viva-voce.  In an important meeting of the institute's meetings, the boss seemed to have used a very charitable word that they are offering a 'second chance' to the needy students to get themselves into Management Education (even though they charge over Rs. 10 lacs for a two year PGDM).  To substantiate this arguement, the head says that the eligibility criteria has been cut down from sixty per cent in UG level to fifty per cent...........

I only call it that the Institute is entertaining and encouraging "academically" or "educationally" challenged undergrads to pursue MBA level education and enter the corporate world with their placments process.  Interestingly, they source applications from all over India through agents and not advertisements.  I was also considering an idea to term its 'faculty recruitment' also to be affording an opportunity to join the tribe under a formula of "Intellecually Challenged"; they are offered huge pay packets and high sounding designations too.

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