Thursday, April 7, 2011

Away from Manipal

From the 1st April onwards I have been away from Manipal on Official work.  First, it was Kolkata, where we had GD/PIs for TAPMI's admissions process of 2011-13 batch.  We stayed in Pallavi International Hotel and held the GDs in DBS - both in Hungerford Street.  Little bit of outing was possible one two days, even when it was raining on 4th evening and 5th morning.... Four Alumni too associated with the process.  Only miserable experience we had was with the Jet Airways on the 1st night.  When travelling through from Mangalore to Kolkata via Mumbai, the baggage of all the ten passengers was wrongly forwarded to Delhi.  It took hell lot of tension, time and arguements with Jet Office staff to locate them and get back by mid night.

We shifted to Mumbai on the 5th and commenced the work on 6th.  Business as usual, though.  Parallelly, another group headed by Dr Saji Gopinath, Director was handling GDs in Delhi centre for four days.  We need to go through the to know the candidates feed-back and experiences / observations.

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