Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Bye to 2010 - the infamous year of scams!

Year 2010 is coming to close in next two days.  It is also the last of the years for the first decade of the new millenneum.  We experienced many good developments and events during not only the decade but the year too.  The decade witnessed the Dot Com Crash, 9/11 in USA, Change of guard in New Delhi, 26/11 in Mumbai, Election of an Afro-American, Mr Obama as President of USA, Global Meltdown all over the world (and a quick recovery too), display of strength by China in hosting the Olympics, the Satyam saga in India, introduction if i-pads and so on.

Unfortunately, in India we witnessed nearly fifteen scams of all types committed by a variety of individuals through out the year. The latest in the news are PF Scam, allegations of scam by ex-CJI and the last being Citi Bank employee in Gurgaon embezzling about Rs. 400 crores.  Most shameful scandal was that of 2G resulting in a loss of Rs. 1,76,000 crores to the exchequer and that of Ashirvad Apartments affecting the Kargil War victims (by Defence Personnel).  At this rate, Bankers, Administrators (IAS) or Bureaucrats, Businessmen, Sanyasis (Nityananda), Judges, Defence Personnel, MCI Chairperson, Politicians (BSY and his ministers), Micro Finance Institutions and promoters (Vikram Akula), IPL organiser Modi, are all involved directly or indirectly in these shameful incidents.  All these are done at whose cost? AAM AADMI.

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