Sunday, February 6, 2011

Training Sessions in Two Banks

I had worked in three banks - Andhra Bank, Hyderabad (in 1971 between May and October) when it was in private sector to commence my long years of banking career; shifted to SBI within six months or so in November 1971, grew up in life and career, was promoted on merit basis four times in 1977, 1984, 1985 and 1990 up to Chief Manager (Scale IV - Senior Management) after going round rural, semi-urban, urban and metro branches as also in Regional Office, Hyderabad and eight long years in Central Office.  Having retired voluntarily in my 41st year after twenty two years in 1993, I re-joined banking - The Vysya Bank Leasing Ltd in 1996.  Here I spent three years as Vice President handling Lease and Hire Purchase Finance....before moving to academics in TAPMI, Manipal.

With the rich experience in three leading banks, it was interesting to handle training sessions as an Academic in Corporation Bank, Syndicate Bank and recently in ICICI Bank.  What a contrast to handle sessions to senior Managers of Syndicate Bank and young Probationary Officers of ICICI Bank.  Imagine, if the session is all about Branch Management - their working is entirely different from each other although fundas are similar.  And then, recent development is that Syndicate Bank has recruited young MBAs as Marketing Probation Officers.  The present generation has different skill sets, and tools to work with and of course, have high expectations and ambition to move up..... In all, it is a  good challenge to deal with today's bankers.

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