Monday, March 7, 2011

The Banker to Every Indian!

Two recent news items on SBI interest and amuse me.  The first one (in Times of India last week) was that an SBI branch in UP (may be Lucknow) is offering all types of cosmetics, etc in their Locker Rooms.  The customers not only wear and see themselves in gold or silver ornaments as before, but can deck up too.  Also, if they are keen, they are even permitted to take away these items like from a Hotel Room. 

And the second is in today's Business Line that SBI, Mangalore branch is receiving manure from some of their poultry loan borrowers and cultivating vegetables in their compound.  These are given to their customers, sometimes even as gift.  I just can not believe in what all diverse areas this mega-gigantic-bank of the country (my alma mater, of course, where I worked for 22 years between 1971 and 1993) is operating and calling itself the Banker to Every Indian.  Mera SBI Mahaaaan.

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