Thursday, July 12, 2012

Multi-functional ATMs, Personal Teller Machines and Video Banking!

Interesting to know more and more about ATMs in and abroad. Till now, I came across reading about On-site, Off-site, Biometric, Mobile, Cashless, Solar-powered, Stand alone, Networked, Deposit taking, White and Brown Labelled and Gold dispensing types of ATMs. And today, I read another article dealing with Multifunctional ATMs and Personal Teller Machines (PTMs). I wonder at the rapid changes and technological advancements in banking. I am keen to know about Video Banking too.  Two new websites I have come across recently are pertaining to Retail Banking Research, London and ATM Industry Association (ATMIA).  Let me probe further to go deep in this topic to learn and write more and more on ATMs soon.

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