Sunday, July 21, 2013

Private Equity funding in India

PE Financing to Agriculture in India

I have been closely following the developments in the topic of PE funding in India and also wrote a few articles, papers for conferences in the past six-seven years.  The more and more I am getting involved in this topic, at my own leisure, the topic has been appearing in the press quite often.  Every one is aware about the existence of Venture Capital funding and regulations, outfits and beneficiaries in India but no perceptible effort appear to have been made to document similar literature on Private Equity in India.  As the economic condition and capital markets activities are happening or changing to meet the pressing demands of the corporates - either listed or unlisted, in small, medium or large sector, or in SME or Agriculture, funds are being infused through PEs.  Only recently, GOI took some formal initiative of appointing a high level committee with experts to recommend Alternate Investment Funds including PE.  And recently, SEBI has began owning up this route of funding to the corporates and monitoring the activity.  Let us wait and see.

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