Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rural Banking and Credit, Poverty Alleviation Programs, Cooperative movement, Microfinance or Financial Inclusion cannot remain mere buzz words or jargon for the academics, researchers, policy makers, bankers or social workers. What the farming and rural community need is support be it in kind or cash. Government can help improve their quality of life only by affording infrastructural facilities like roads, safe drinking water, education, shelter, veterinary and medical facilities, employment opportunities and so on. Once these indexes are announced, action and implementation towards attaining of tangible results is essential. These reports, books, articles or research papers cannot merely be placed in racks and libraries. What has been the outcome of 12 Five Year Plans in India post independence in 1947? Whether the fate of the common man below poverty line has changed even marginally? Only the rich are becoming richer while the politicians and bureaucrats have been baking the policies which do not benefit the poorer sections. Twenty-first century world is modern and advanced in many directions – scientifically, economically and technologically. All these resources and inputs should culminate in tangible deliverables. It is a pity that the world leaders continue to indulge in racial discrimination, economic sanctions while terrorism and communal differences prevail all over. Welfare is always given a go-bye.Microfinance and Financial Inclusion

Hence, I called it about five or six years back, Old Wine in New Bottle?

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