Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Banking....

Green Banking by IndusInd Bank Ltd.

I had earlier listed out A, B, C, D Banking including about 30 types of Banking.  Recently, I have been reading about some more new concepts in banking.  One of them is Green Banking.  The others of course are Privilege Banking, Smart Banking, Village Banking, etc.

There have been interesting developments in ATMs.  Usually, we go to ATM with our Card only to withdraw money or check balance / get a mini-statement.  There are several other facilities, of course, which we rarely utilise.  While some banks post a Security Guard at ATMs and some others get the ATMs insured.  Very few banks provide the facility of Drop Box and Help Telephones at the ATMs.  These days to closely monitor the visitors, some banks instal cameras in the ATMs.  Recent innovation in ATMs was to facilitate the rural and illiterate customers by providing Biometric ATMs.  These value adds certainly enhance Customer Service all 24 x 7 hours.  Thanks to technology and connectivity, we have on-site and off-site ATMs.  RBI also had arranged for customers of any bank to use any ATMs anywhere....

On December 18, 2009 IndusInd Bank Ltd., inaugurated Mumbai's first Solar-powered ATM as part of its Green Office Campaign - Hum aur Hariyali.  Great service indeed.  IndusInd Bank's new Solar-ATM opened at its Opera House branch, replaces the use of Conventional Energy for 8 hours per day with eco-friendly and renewable solar energy.  The uniqueness of this solar ATM is the ability to store and transmit power on demand (in case of power failure) or need (time basis). It is also cost-effective compared to regular power based ATMs.  This is first of its kind in India and revolutionary concept in Green Banking.

SBI and Green Banking initiative

On the other hand, State Bank of India has become the country's first bank to venture into generation of green power by installing windmills  for captive use in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.  Please click on the title for more information on this topic.

Green Bank in Google and on Youtube

Those who are interested to know more are advised to search in Google or watch on Youtube.


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Thank you. I have written a Conference Paper last month on Lean and green banking in India. It was well received, of course.