Monday, June 21, 2010

Rural Banking and Nachiket Mor

Nachiket Mor and Rural Banking

Yes, we the Indians should be proud of persons like Dr Nachiket Mor while Bangla Desh boasts of its Nobel Laureate, Dr Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen efforts. Nachiket is a Doctorate in Finance from Wharton and was a rising star in the new generation bank - ICICI Bank.  He was to succeed Mr KV Kamath as CEO, but opted to move out to join the ICICI Foundation and work for Micro Finance and Rural Development.  I am sure he would certainly revolutionise rural banking through his sincere efforts.  The above article details his humble work ICICI Foundation, IFMR Trust and Kshetriya (Regional) Grameena (Rural) Financial Services.  With such sincere and dedicated persons around, Financial Inclusion is assured.

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JASSI said...

Hi Sir ,

I am Jaswinder , a participant from the first batch of the leadership development programme ,ICICI. To be honest , I din't knew about NAchiket Mor.It was only after reading this article did I came to know of this man and his good intentions of providing financial services to the poor....and it also takes a great deal of courage to sacrifice such a coveted position of a CEO...Nice article sir..will look forward to more articles frm u...