Sunday, October 3, 2010

AR Rahman's grand finale - CWG theme song |

AR Rahman's grand finale - CWG theme song

After about three months full of controversies, blame-games, apprehensions, accidents and all that, CWG XIX of 2010 has taken birth on Sunday, the 3rd October. In the last fortnight, the Allahabad High Court (Sept 30) was also making everyone to keep their fingers crossed. And thank God, the suspense is over from Babri Masjid dispute.

Next, was the preparations and infrastructure (quality and completion). All the Indians are feeling relieved and enjoyed the first day - Inauguration by our President - Ms Pratibha Patil and the Prince Charles. And here in the clipping Mr AR Rahman performsn. Interestingly, even his song was also under debate for about a month! Oh, the media hype!!

Last month, I heard a speaker in a public meeting redefining JIT - it is no more the Just In Time but typical Indian efficiency of Jugaad In Time.  He was confident that the CWG would certainly be held in a grand manner despite all the above hurdles and apprehensions if not breakdowns or accidents.  Indians are capable and competent to showcase their Jugaad talent and demonstrate to the world.  That is what exactly happened.  All is well that ends well.

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