Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fake currency transactions zoom 250%

Fake currency transactions zoom 250%

This news item is a frightening one to one and all. The increase in per centage of fake currency at 250 over the previous year, surpasses all the achievements India and its economy boast of. Strangely, this report speaks only in numbers and does not indicate the quantum of fake currency. This speaks of the inefficient administrative or vigilance mechanism in the country either in the government or banking system. Is there no remedy?

In the process, whether innocent middle and lower middle class income earners and saving community would be suffering. The Government has been failing in its promises and responsibility of containing inflation. Large scale corruption, lethargy, favouritism and inefficiency seems to be accumulating at the cost of honest, sincere and hardworking middle class. Any way, the business class, bureaucrats and politicians have unaccounted money with them.

Under this type of administration, how can AAM AADMI be assured of increase in quality of life for decades to come? God save India.

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