Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Loan scam: LIC Housing CEO arrested

Loan scam: LIC Housing CEO arrested

What a shame? At a time when India is moving forward in Cricket, Economy, and looking for a Seat in UNSC, back home, everyday a new Scam is surfacing. There are innumerable scams all around. Be it in business, telecom, housing, sports, banking, police or defence, Oh!

It is sickening for the new generation of the twenty-first century to know about all these scams by Judges, Ministers, Bankers, Soldiers, Politicians, Sportsmen and so on .... one after the other. The figures and facts are mind-boggling and frustrating for a sincere, honest, intelligent and dedicated citizen. Where is the end? Corruption and Fraud are spreading like virus or cancer in all fields.

May be the Government of India should think of instituting awards at national and state levels. I suggest that we may think of Scam Ratna, Scam-Bhushan, Scam-Vibhushan, Scam-Sri, etc for these achievers and hang them publicly. Some times, I wonder - do we deserve democracy? Whether our Constitution is so dumb? Why do our Parliamentarians and Legislators promise something, take oath on something else and then carry out their nefarious activities? God save India. Mera Bharath Mahaan. Jai Hind. Jai Ho. Vande Matharam.

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