Sunday, November 6, 2011

50 Prefixes to "Banking"

Prefixes the word Banking have been fascinating me in recent weeks after my reading about Shadow Banking and Palm Top Banking.  I went on searching from all possible sources only to trace fifty such prefixes.  I am compiling these to write an article soon with a title Beyond Traditional Banking (BTB).

Very interestingly, as I was moving forward today I hit upon two more terms viz., Transaction Banking and Wholesale Banking.  With this my inventory would be fifty two.  And then, still I see that out of the twenty six alphabets in the English language, I could only use nineteen of them the left over being H, J, K, Q, X, Y and Z.  Here I given a link to  There is a full report on Transaction Banking 2011 too for those who are interested in working further to know more.

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