Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beyond Traditional Banking (BTB)

I read in one of the last month's Business World (weekly magazine) issue, an article titled "Palm-Top Banking" and was fascinated to list down all varieties of prefixes to the word close to my heart - Banking.  And today, in the Business Line (daily news paper) a long article on "Shadow Banking in China".

In my over four decades of banking (and non-banking too) career including teaching at MBA level for about twelve years, I came across more than forty such prefixes.  If only I go on listing out these terms, the size of the blog runs into pages and loses its charm.  Besides the traditional terms, I would like to share the new ones that I would be working on and write an article soon.  These are: Ethical Banking, Green Banking, Lombard Banking, Shadow Banking, Village Banking, Eco Friendly Banking, Sustainable Banking, Inclusive Banking and Barefoot Banking.  I am sure many of my students would feel strange.

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