Friday, January 27, 2012

Great feeling indeed

It was a great feeling to be back with so many colleagues of SBI yesterday.  I had a pleasant invitation a few weeks back to be at the customers meet in Udupi when Mr Ashwin Mehra, CGM of Bangalore LHO visited the branches.  He was very informal and friendly with all the guests.  SBI hosted a musical evening with dinner to all its valued customers.  I took the opportunity to greet and appreciate the services of Manipal and Udupi branches. We found that me and CGM were already friends in the social website LinkedIn.

About ten days back, another invitation came from SBI stating that this time Shri Krishna Kumar, MD from CO would be visiting Mangalore/Udupi/Manipal during 26-27-28 Jan 2012.  Naturally, the CGM, GMs, DGMs, AGMs and a host of senior officials of SBI Bangalore/Mangalore were hosting an event to honour achievers at different branches of Karnataka.  I was asked to join them for a dinner on 26th and address a session on Leadership Development on 27th Jan after lunch at Summer Sands Resort, Ullal.  What a strange and wonderful opportunity to be at my alma mater for over 21 years?  I did spend the day on 27th Jan.

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