Sunday, January 8, 2012

SBI - India's Largest Bank

SBI Branches

One common factor between Sachin Tendulkar and State Bank of India is that both are headquartered in Mumbai with ever increasing numbers in their profiles. I was making an attempt to find out the number of branches of SBI from the internet but came to know an interesting feature.  Please visit the link above.

It has four types of branches by product / service variation : Core banking, Domestic Forex, Internet banking and Real Time Gross Settlement Branches.  And then, the bank boasts of 15 types branches too.  These are: Agricultural Business, Agricultural Development, Commercial, Corporate Accounts Group, Industrial Finance, Main, Mid-Corp Group, NRI, Other, Overseas, Personal Banking, Rehabilitation & Recovery, Service, SSI & SIB Branches, and Branches conducting PPF Business Branches.  I don't think any other bank in India has!

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