Thursday, February 2, 2012

B-Schools in India and International Accreditation

Amazing to know about the existence of 4,500 B-Schools in India (vide Business Standard).  Are they all under regulation of UGC or AICTE?  Not too sure.  It is interesting that IIMs and ISB are not under AICTE norms.  There are some more who keep hitting headlines and openly release advertisements and award diplomas or degrees without any approval or accreditation.  Management Education in India seems to be passing through many trials and tribulations with a host of B-Schools proliferating all over.  The steps initiated by AICTE in Admissions, Fee, Courses, etc are being resisted and challenged legally.

On the other side, Foreign Universities are being invited with open arms to give stiff challenge to the domestic system.  Superior quality Faculty members are in serious shortage in India and every where else.  Industry professionals wanting to teach the B-School students are necessarily to go through the route of PhD / academic or else be treated as 'undesirable' second rate citizens.  Only today I came across a new word "trilemma" which seems to be straight away applicable to Management Education in India.  God save B-Schools

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