Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cyber Crimes in Banking

Phishing, Vishing and SMiShing in Cyber Crimes

Embezzlement, Forgeries, Frauds have been there for long in the banking and financial services.  Scandals have taken place in large amounts and a new name 'Scam' has emerged to refer them.  After introduction of Technology in Banking and Financial Services, a few more new terms have surfaced.  We have heard of Identity Thefts and ATM frauds which by themselves are great puzzle when the industry is catching fast in modernisation.  Then we started hearing about Phishing, Pharming (believe me, there is no spelling mistake in these two words), Hacking, Skimming, Trozan, etc.  More the technological advancement more the counter-productive and perverted knowledge or research that has evolved.  And now, we are reading about Vishing and SMiShing.  Very interesting, na!  Please click on the heading or go to Google or Wikipedia to search.

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