Sunday, June 10, 2012

SBI CEO par Excellence

Times of India, Mumbai of today, in its Business Page (no.25) carried out an article titled "I am the least-paid Fortune 500 CEO" by Mr OP Bhatt, Chairman of State Bank of India.

Mr Bhatt's career with SBI is coming to an end in next March after nearly forty successful years from a junior level Probationary Officer to top most Chairman of the Bank.  Search is on for his successor from within the bank, while he is also on the look out for a further career in the financial services industry.  We need to wait and see where he fixes up after April 2011.  During last five years of his tenure as Chairman he proved par excellence performance and leadership of SBI in keeping the flag high and market share too.

He also introduced a highly motivating and exciting work life for all his bankmen with a scheme called "Parivartan" and currently pur

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