Sunday, August 26, 2012

SBI in News!

SBI Staff to work on Sundays

All said and done, SBI leadership is somewhat distinct.  Its Chairman is always in news for some good reasons or expressing views on the market, interest rates, new policies of RBI or Government or its own.  Two days back, SBI Chairman opined that CRR may have to be eased out.  Today, he comes out with a proposal that their staff will work on Sundays.  That does not mean they will not work on other days of the week.  My personal view is that Banks, Post Offices, Hospitals, Cinema Halls, Shopping Malls, Eateries, etc should be open on Sundays so that all busy working professionals and others will spend good time together with their families including completing many personal transactions.  Banks and others who are open on Sundays, can avail weekly off on Mondays so that their own staff can attend to other works in Government Offices etc conveniently.  This initiative of SBI is laudable in the larger public interest.

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