Friday, December 7, 2012

Chowdari and Patnaik / Sistakaranam?

I belong to Sistakaranam / Patnaik community (caste) from Kotabommali in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh but lived in Hyderabad / Bangalore / Mumbai and now Manipal. I don't have the title in my name / records. Strangely, the surname Chowdari seem to be misleading many of my colleagues and friends with a different community identity. You know, I can't help it. I like to network with as many friends and young Patnaik members as possible for strengthening our community. I have been sending friendship requests in Face Book to many 'Patnaiks' and others too.  Friendship is my passion and networking is my profession.  I love to be in touch with as many friends as possible and share pleasantries with all my well-wishers.

I have now friends from my school, college, work places like Andhra Bank, SBI, Vysya Bank, Wonder Granites, Alliance Business School and TAPMI.  Now that I spent about a decade in TAPMI (of course with a three years break between 2006 and 2009), I have both friends in my colleagues and alumni besides current students.  I registered for my PhD work with AIMA New Delhi but could not move forward for some personal reasons. But I got a few friends from this group too.  Only recently I also started extending my hand of friendship with some relatives in Patnaik community, not because of any ambition of contesting an election but to stretch love and affection and exchange pleasantries.  Today, I have 1,622 friends in my FB page.  

Otherwise, professionally I have a page in where I have uploaded 60 plus articles and power point presentations which were seen by over 2 lac visitors.  Each of these files or papers have been seen / read or downloaded by a significant number of individuals, which I am proud of.  I am also in linkedin, orkut, google+, and many virtual platforms including uploading some clippings in youtube.  All this is possible on account of intense passion to extend friendship and leverage on the technology available.  Only last month, in a recent  Hyderabad trip I could meet two of my childhood school mates of 1959 to recall those young and innocent days.

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