Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Flame" by Nelofar Curimbhoy : Biography of Shahnaz Husain

I compiled information and used to deliver my lectures on Entrepreneurs of India to my students with examples.  There are enough number of successful entrepreneurs in different fields over the decades in both the genders.  In particular women entrepreneurs have achieved laudable success against all odds.  One of them, in fact, a leading and most popular woman entrepreneur is Shahnaz Husain with her herbal products as a beautician.  Only after reading this book by her own daughter Nelofar, I came to know so many facts about this wonderful lady who shot to fame as World's Best Entrepreneur from India.  More interesting fact is that she belonged to the conservative muslim family from Hyderabad and went to Luck on her marriage at the age of sixteen years.

She became a mother at seventeen and a grand mother in her thirties too.  She had to discontinue her studies but her father was keen on her continuing studies including, if possible, in Cambridge.  One interesting feature I read in the book is all the strong support she received from three men in her life - father, husband and son.  After a few years of married life, she shifted to Delhi where she started her ventures to earn extra income and a profession of her own.  Next move to Tehran seem to have given her family a different opportunity to expand her business internationally.    Besides the three men, she also had the support from her daughter Nelofar who continues to standby her even today.  

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