Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Profile of Banks 2012-13 from RBI

A Profile of Banks : RBI

This is an annual exercise carried out by the regulator in India viz., RBI. This 100 page document was released by the central banker on Sept 30, 2013 containing some useful and standard data of all types of banks in India - SB Group (SBI and 5 associate), Nationalised Banks (20), Old and New Private Banks (13 + 7) and 43 Foreign Banks operating in India.  It is possible that some names of these foreign banks might have not been heard by most of us while those popular ones are operating only in metro cities.  The data is for past five years ie., 2008-09 to 2012-13 and gives a critical and comparative picture that could be analysed as to the growth, productivity, efficiency and profitability of all these types of banks.

The complete canvas of banking in India comprises of three more types of banks viz., Cooperative Banks, Regional Rural Banks and Local Area Banks.  The two former banks have their own role to play in rural development and financing.  The Financial Services Sector, of course, will be more comprehensive if we include Microfinance Institutions, Non-Banking Finance Companies, Mutual Benefit Companies, etc. But, we need to be contented with the limited but authentic information available to move on.

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