Sunday, October 6, 2013

ATMs, WLAs, POS, CDMs, etc

ATMs in India have been in use for past 25 years and are in increasing trend now.  Their total number (1,34,000 approx) has certainly surpassed that of the total of bank branches.  About 25% of ATMs are stated to be in rural and semi-urban areas now.  Thanks to RBI policy of permitting White Label ATMs to be operated by NBFCs, offering of basic banking services are looking up through these ATMs.  And of late, we have been hearing about Point of Sales facility as also Cash Dispensing Machines. Though not directly or in full, the issues pertaining to Financial Inclusion are also being met simultaneously with the expansion of bank branches, ATMs and licencing of new banks in private sector.  Banking in India in the year 2020 may be entirely different from now, thanks to technology and conscious expansion policies of RBI and GOI.

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