Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chiranjeevi arrested in anti-EMAAR protest

Chiranjeevi arrested in anti-EMAAR protest

It is better that Chiranjeevi seriously considers his cine-career as he is re-entering films. On the screen, you can fool the gullible viewers with all sorts of dialogues, actions, dashing scenes, and miracles. It is after all entertainment where all of us get into believe the illusions.

AP is facing the worst times or crises, when the twenty-first century world is moving fast. It has half-a-dozen post-power aspiring politicians - Naidu of TDP, KCR of TRS, Jagan of Congress, Chiru of PRP, and so on. Democracy does not mean that every one aiming for a Gaddi should disrupt public life every now and then.

Jagan is living in the dream-world to capture power (as a legal heir to his father Dr YSR, who had to wait three decades or so to become a CM). Over-ambitious Chiranjeevi after earning huge money and name in cinemas, now suddenly takes to streets. Should the Janata believe these tricksters? KCR took to the four decade old (buried) Telangana issue for his personal reasons. How much of waste of time, money, energy, resources, and chaos and confusion among the youth? God save AP.

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