Thursday, September 2, 2010

Doing Business in India - 2010

I took up an entirely new course for teaching at Manipal Centre for European Studies in the new program of Masters in European Studies & Management (first batch 2010-12).  This program is offered by MU in collaboration with TAPMI as academic partners.  I am coordinating from TAPMI while Dr Neeta Inamdar is the Head of the Centre.  The program was inaugurated on 9th August, 2010 and my classes / course started on 24th August, after prolonged thinking of who will teach this course. It has to be designed from scratch.

I got into the task with the Course outline and search in Google.  Initially, it was to be taught by Dr Devi Prasad Bedari but suddenly in came in my lap due to Dr Shijin leaving the Institute to Pondicherry University last month and Accounting Course having been shifted from him to me and me to Prof Lionel Aranha.

I scratched my head when it was proposed to be me to handle the course.  Then, I downloaded some articles, ppts and research papers or reviews on Euro or EU or EU Courses in some Universities.  I began with the course structure, introduced Indian Foreign Exchange scenario and then took up a new topic called Doing Business in India from my favourite website  There this pdf report of 274 pages is uploaded.  Ernst & Young developed this report in early 2010 listing out all features required for a new entrant to business in India.  If my 11 students understand this clearly, my half job is done.  Thereafter, I would like to take them through Euro, EU, European Business Environment, etc in nest twenty plus sessions.

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