Monday, January 3, 2011

Grit, Guts and Gumption by Rajesh Chakrabarti

Another wholesome book on State Bank of India

I read in The Business Line (daily of Hindu group) dated Dec 30, 2010; on page no.9 (my favourite number of course), in Accountancy - Books of Account with a caption "Tale of How a Behemoth Changed Trajectory" written by Shri D. Murali - a full length column reviewing the captioned book.  Very interesting and inciteful story of a two hundred plus years market leader in the Indian banking industry.  The sub-titles of the contents deal with 1. Voyage of Transformation 2. A 'People' Story 3. Wisdom from the Bhagavadgita 4. Suggestion Scheme 5. Second-Class Employees and 6. Global Player.  Having read the column, I immediately wrote a mail to Shri Murali complimenting and congratulating him to have said a few good words about SBI.  After all I served the bank between 1971 and 1993 and continue to be in touch with all my bosses, colleagues and friends.  I am eagerly waiting to lay my hands on the book itself and read from cover to cover.

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