Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 States or 2 Tastes?

I wrote a few days back my views on 2 States by Chetan Bhagat after reading the book.  In fact, I have also been sharing my thoughts with some of my colleagues.  Was the novelist aiming at making some money, name and fame or critic people from certain states (north or south) or point out the loope holes in certain systems like academics and administration at IIT-D or IIM-A and similar institutions of high repute as also working of foreign banks like Citi-bank in India, etc. 

An year back or so, I read a book titled "If God was a Banker"  by Mr Subramanian, who is also an IIM Grad and working in Retail Bank area of a Foreign Bank.  This book was dealing with more and more of competition in one's career as also professional approach.  The author chose to pick some dummy names of individuals and banks too, but stated as if the two were from two IIMs - A & B.  Of course, some spicy stuff was written here and there.

But, in the 2 States, there is an overdose of sex, vulgarity, etc.  Mr Krish, the hero had always been after having pre-marital sex at the earliest opportunity.  Be it with an IIT-D Professor's daughter whom he could not or did not marry but settled for a compromise or the heroine Ms Ananya, the intelligent-brahmin-top-ranked Economics Graduate from TN who also made it to IIM-A against stiff competition through CAT.  The story always revolved round the two having met and had sex, food, etc.  If only the relationship was limited to love and romance, it would have been in a high esteem towards all the characters. 

After all, the hero having pre-marital sex with two innocent virgin girls, does not deserve the kind of respect despite his academic and professional back-groiund.  Having indulged in such actvity and playing with the modesty of the two girls, it is but inevitable that he should get married to the heroine.  Any amount of ordeals experienced or hurdles crossed, it does not thrill a prudent reader to get convinced about his intentions.  Infidelity is at stake; because what is the guarantee that either hero or heroine do not indulge in sex again outside their marriage with their colleagues at work place?  Their minds need not be pure, after all.  I may finally call or rename the book title as "2 Tastes" that the hero had with the two girls.

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