Monday, May 3, 2010

SBI again...

State Bank of India

Financial results of several public and private sector banks in India are hitting the headlines every day; some released their Q4 and some others about the full year too.  By and large all the banks are showing encouraging results which is also impacting the share market.  While I am waiting for some more information to pen down my comments / observations on the industry, SBI results are yet to hit news.

In the mean time, I came across some information from the monthly bulletin - April 2010 of SBI Pensioners Association-Hyderabad.  It captured some achievements of SBI in recent past.  These are:-

01. SBI has been chosen as a recipient of High Performance Brand of the Year 2009 by AIMA (All India Management Association - New Delhi) for R.K. Swamy High Performance Award.

02. SBI ranks 7th in "Best Companies to Work For" - Business Today (February 7, 2010)

03. State Bank of India awarded Technology Bank of the Year award in recognition of outstanding achievements in Banking Technology - IBA Banking Technology Awards 2009

04. State Bank of India declared as the winner for Customer & Brand Loyalty in the "Banking Sector" - 3rd Loyalty Awards (part of the 3rd Loyalty Summit)

05. SBI's ranking has improved to 36 (in 2010) from 70 (in 2009) in the Brand Finance Global Banking 500 by Brand Finance Pic.  SBI has become the first Indian Bank to break into the world's Top 50 List.

I am proud to be an SBI-an.  My sincere and hearty greetings and congratulations to all SBI-ans too.

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