Monday, May 3, 2010

Extra Curricular Activities @ TAPMI

TAPMI Manipal

No doubt, academic rigour is the USP at TAPMI, Manipal.  However, Management Students at Post Graduate level in an autonomous B-School learn many things hands on and outside the class room.  Right from the first day, they are subjected to work in groups under the mentorship of a Faculty Member.  Team Work is a buzz word throughout the two years of they stay on campus.  Academic world may term it as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but TAPMIans indluge in several social activities too like blood donations on the Republic Day (26th Jan) and Independence Day (15th Aug) every year. 

Some students form into a group called OMEGA to associate with the local Micro, Small and Medium Industries and work with them.  While understanding their day to day problems in material handling, product designing, marketing and sales, financial concerns and so on, they also offer some workable solutions too.  Some of the groups are called Welfare Committee or Social Endeavour Group and so on.  These students visit the NGOs, Orphanages, Old age Homes, Villages adopted, etc to render some help.

One of the events last year was visit to a local unit called Balaniketan in Udupi.  Lions Club of Manipal members and their families joined in the endeavour.  Besides donating funds or physical assets these visitors engaged themselves in spending a full day with the in-mates, planted sapplings, played music and dance or games and so on.  It was a thrilling and memorable experience to both sides - the inmates and visitors too.

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