Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eco Entrepreneurs - the 16th variety?

About a week ago, precisely on the Dec 14, I wrote in my blog about a list of 15 varieties of entrepreneurs that I came across in different sources of literature.  And today, while going through the Special Anniversary Issue of the popular magazine from Malayala Manorama Group, The Week, I read about another variety ie., Eco Entrepreneurs.  This was included as part of 30 pearls of India listed out by the magazine.

Mr Chandrasekhar Hariharan of Biodiversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL), Bangalore has been named as the Eco Entrepreneur in the magazine.  His ecofriendly houses do not look different from normal houses.  But they are vastly different when it comes to energy efficiency.  The economist-turned-eco entrepreneur heads a group of companies - Zed Habitats, Zed Fabs, Zed Labs, Zed Inhabs and the Zed Foundation - which build eco-friendly houses.

Hariharan and his green warriors have built around 630 houses and are adding another 580 by 2015.  Hariharan worked in an NGO from 1987 to 1995, creating awareness about energy and water conservation. In 1995, he realised that he did not want to be donor dependent and went on with his green project.  A native of Bangalore, Hariharan is a simple person.  A doctorate in econometrics, he had worked as a Chartered Accountant and Journalist before becoming an eco-entrepreneur.

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