Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Variety of Entrepreneurs

Reading, Writing, Thinking and Knowing of Entrepreneurs is an on-going interesting act for me.  Every story is different and every individual Entrepreneur has something unique to share.  It is only from news papers, business magazines, biographies and internet or some organisations like TiE or NEN or Mumbai  Angels or Indian Angels, we get to know of these special personalities.  Be it young or old, male or female, qualified or otherwise, Indian or NRIs, professional, technical or social entrepreneurs, each one of them have been making the lives of their own selves and a vast number of others employed with them productive and meaningful.

Authors like Rashmi Bansal are going on capturing the facts and figures to chronicle these noble personalities.  In the process of teaching courses on entrepreneurship to MBA students (although it is not so attractive elective course in many of the B-Schools for reasons best known to themselves) I came across a variety of entrepreneurs.  To list them out my own way, there are agri-preneurs, tech-preneurs, edu-preneurs, social entrepreneurs, medi-preneurs, food-preneurs and dalit entrepreneurs.  How interesting?  I wish if only our Central or State Governments create Ministries or Departments for Entrepreneurs, compile data on them, encourage more and more such persons and announce Civil Awards every year in a big way!

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