Thursday, December 22, 2011

Social Media Networking?

I was participating in a Talk Show at MGM College, Udupi-Manipal today to share with them what we the Gen-X think of Social Media Networking... Somehow I felt that a majority of the older generation do not trust the Gen-Y.  We consider them as 'immature' and "irresponsible".  I don't understand the basis because, the Constitution has recognised all those above 18 as 'independent' and empowered to chose their representatives as MLAs and MPs to rule the country, make policies and decide their destiny.

I took stock of my own indulgence with Social Media.  I have at least three email ids; am a member of FB, Google+, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on.  I am also deeply into;;;; or  Google my name  or search in or others like or and see what pops up.  I write a blog as a progressive banker in  Dr Narasimha Bhat clarified that Internet is different from Professional sites and social platforms.  Of course, the discussions went without conclusion as to what is right or wrong in today's information and technology world.  The show goes on and on..................

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