Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Long list of Varieties of Entrepreneurs

The more and more I delve deep into the topic of varieties of Entrepreneurs world over, my list is growing longer and longer.  I just started with the basic word "Entrepreneurs".

And my compilation has taken me to touch a double digit.  These are 1. Agri-preneurs  2. Edu-preneurs  3. Dalit Entrepreneurs  4. Food-preneurs   5. Green Eco Entrepreneurs      6. Kid Entrepreneurs  7. Medi-preneurs  8. Rural Entrepreneurs  9. Serial Entrepreneurs  10. Social Entrepreneurs  11. Tech-preneurs  12. Teen Entrepreneurs 13. Virtual Entrepreneurs  14.Women Entrepreneurs  and  15. Young Entrepreneurs.  Unbelievable long list, isn't it?  Now I am tempted to write a book on all these. 

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