Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I know of a few names of Social Entrepreneurs. To name top three from AP I have in mind are Dr Parameswara Rao of Bhagavatula Charitable Trust in Dimli near Vizag, Dr Vikram Akula of SKS (Swayam Krushi Sangham) Microfinance fame and Dr C Sankurathri.  Dr Rao's story is very interesting and older than Dr Mohd Younus entering Microfinance through Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and winning a Nobel Prize in 2006. The profiles of each of these gentlemen are mind-boggling.  If not Nobel Prizes, Government of India can seriously think of awarding Bharat.......... (I am watching all those discussions and demands on TV about Sachin to be honoured with Bharat Ratna).  My view is that any national awards are to be given to those individuals who made a remarkable changes in the lives of millions and sacrified their own lucrative careers.

You may find a very interesting video clipping on Dr Sankurathri. Please click here:

Here is another story of an unsung, unheard and unwept hero from Andhra Pradesh. Over 25 years back, Dr Chandrasekhar Sankurathri suffered the worst loss of his family due to a heinous act of terrorism in an Aircraft in Canada. He is simply great that he is rendering yeoman services to poorer sections by providing eye care services in memory of his lost family. Government at Centre and State should immediately recognise all such individuals and honour them.

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