Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Women Entrepreneurs of India

It is very interesting that after sixty plus years of independence, there is controversial debate on Women's Reservation Bill in the Parliament; A Woman is a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a teacher, a doctor in all our lives; and what not? Women have always been contributing to the society in many ways.; I wonder why this bill took thirteen years to see the light.  In fact, I would prefer a fifty per cent reservation, since they are to be treated as equal partners.  In Indian History, one star name always referred is Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi who fought for independence.  There are many such illustrous names to reckon.

In the field of Entrepreneurship, women have also set remarkable records. To name a few again, I would recall Ms Elaben of SEWA, Ms Kiran Mazumdar Shah of Biocon Ltd., the group of lady promoters of Lizzat Papad, Ms Ekta Kapoor - the star producer of TV serials, Ms Madhura Chatrapathy of Bangalore, Shahnaz Hussain and Vandana Luthra and so on. When I mention about Women's World Banking, many of my students and colleagues raise their eyebrows because they are not aware of such an international organisation.  If we go on discussing the details of each of these individuals, we would be convinced of their entrepreneurial talents. 

May be it is time that Government of India and respective State Governments to honour all such successful women entrepreneurs who have been working relentlessly to achieve their individual goals as also for the benefit of the less fortunate others.  They are generating employment for many others.  Let us hope that better sense would prevail on the policy makers and all such achievers are well recognised.

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