Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Suicides over Telangana Issue

It is very sad to read about every fortnight one innocent student committing suicide over the prolonged issue of separate Telangana State.  Suicides are generally resorted to by weak and helpless hearts.  Young and bright students should use their wisdom before taking such extreme steps.  After all, it is all politics.  Then, cause this agony to the parents, relative and friends. One can not become a Hero through these means.  Today's youth are fortunate to have modern life, technology, global scene and best ways of communications.  Views for or against any issue could be expressed through media, social net work or peaceful methods.

It was about forty years back (1969-70), this was a burning issue. About 370 young lives were sacrificed for this cause; thousands of students lost at least two precious academic years of career; Osmania University students were alleged to have resorted to mass copying in examinations later on and hence denied jobs in public sector organisations.  The situation came back to normal after Justice Jagan Mohan Reddy took over as Vice Chancellor and remedied the scene.  Where are all those politicians who were active in the agitation then?  Most of them have become MLAs, Ministers, CMs, Governors, MPs, and Industrialists to prosper.

Hyderabad continued as Capital of AP (although there was a parallel Jai Andhra agitation in 1970 and every one expected either Vizag or Vijayawada to be new capital).  A new Central University was granted; huge capital investment was made by Govt and people; Hi Tec City was developed by later CMs from Andhra, new and best Airport was built in last five years, Ramoji Film City was made a star attraction (entire Telugu Film Industry was moved from Chennai) and huge real estate market, retail market, etc established.

Migrations and Settlements are not uncommon.  How many Indians are settling in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, USA, UK, Dubai or Kenya?  Some of them are into professions, some in to business and a few into even politics occupying high positions - be it in Fiji Islands, Mauritius, or USA.  Then, we need not blame Andhras settling in and grabbing jobs in Hyderabad.

Finally, whether there are geographic, climatic or cultural differences in two regions or not, it is debatable that whether small States have made any difference.  Take all seven states in North East; Pondicherry or Kerala; Chattisgarh, Jharkhand or Uttaranchal.  Not a big difference.  But, one thing is certain - a new Raj Bhavan, a new Secretariat and huge public expenditure.  All this is at the cost of the Tax Payer.

I would earnestly appeal to the Student Community to look back to 1969-70 and avoid such extreme steps.

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