Saturday, March 27, 2010

If Dr is for Doctors/Doctorates, why not Br for Bankers?

All of us know that Dr is referred for Doctors or Doctorates (PhDs).  These Doctors could be Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy (BHMS), Dental Sciences, etc. They would have studied for four or five years of specialisation in medicine.  They may go for higher studies like Post Graduation viz., MS or MD or PhD too. And then, PhD in various disciplines could be from Universities in India or abroad. Now a days, PhDs are being offered online or private or distance study.  Autonomous Institutions like IIMs, NIBM and others offer Fellow Program of 3-4 years which is equivalent to Ph.Ds. (PGDM of IIMs etc is also equivalent to MBA of Universities). Of late, these Fellows are also using the suffix - Dr to avoid confusion in the Society.

I also came across the practice of Er for Engineers and Architects, Fr for Fathers (Christian Missionary), Brig. for Brigadiers, Capt for Captains, Ln for Lions, Lt for Lieutenants, Rtn for Rotarians, Wg Cdr for Wing Commanders.  Similarly, IAS, IFS, IRS, IAAS, etc are used by Civil Servants.  Interestingly, the former group of titles are by virtue of profession and later for Bureaucrats after having passing an all-India exam and joining the service.  Certainly, none of the above are ornamental but convey a position or status.

My humble suggestion is that similar facility be given to Bankers to use Br.  May be some conditions could be prescribed that one should have worked as an Officer in a Bank for at least three years or should have passed both JAIIB and CAIIB or so.  This would professionally boost the morale of Bankers as Professionals - be it in Public Sector, Private Sector, Foreign Banks or Coop or RRBs or Local Area Banks.  An Agency like IBA (Self Regulatory Organisation for Banks in India) should move this forward.

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