Friday, March 5, 2010

Women's Day Gift

At last, after sixty three years of independence, Indian women are being considered to be part of governance in Assemblies and Parliaments @ one-third participation. Today, we have a woman President, woman Speaker of Parliament, woman UPA Chairperson at the Centre and some Chief Ministers like Shiela Dixit in Delhi, Mayawati in UP, etc. We have several achievers in professionals like Naina Lal Kidwai, Kiran Mazumdar Shah, Brinda Karat, Jayalalithaa, Renuka Chowdari, Purandeswari, Kiran Bedi, Sania Mirza, et al occupying important positions in public / corporate life, Sports, Scientific field, Academics, Research, etc. It is not a favour or a gift from the GOI or any party on the International Women's Day (March 08, 2010) that they are passing a bill to this effect. After all, woman plays many roles in each of our lives - a mother, a sister, a wife (spouse), a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a nurse, and so on. Strictly speaking, we should move on to considering reserving one-third not only in parliament but also in employment too. Gradually, it should be increased to fifty per cent. Whoever opposes such a progressive step, should be condemned and ignored to move forward. Enough is enough.

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