Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MF Hussain and Indian Citizenship

There has been enough of debate about Hussain leaving India or not being requested to come back to India. If he is happy in Qatar, let him be. In a globalised world, every one has his or her choice to travel, settle down and lead his or her life. I believe Hussain knows where he stands.  Agreed, he is one of the finest painters in the world today but we do not know why he chooses certain themes and religions and paints them obscene.  As it is there have been communal riots and terrorists acts very often killing hundreds of innocent citizen.  Any amount of intelligence and security systems are not able to prevent this unfortunate anarchic happenings in India and abroad. Then, why a painter should use his brush and canvas, spending hours-days-months to paint such controversial pieces. 

Wisdom should prevail over one and all that any art work like music, dance, painting, etc are primarily for mental relaxation.  Whoever excels in these arts, must aim at global peace and harmony rather than involve and invite trouble.  No one can take to extreme in causing universal damage of either life or property let alone culture, values, religion and peace.  Latest news is that Hussain says India is his motherland.  Then, why not surrender to the law of the land?  Why not change your philosophy and thinking?

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