Saturday, March 13, 2010

Power of Nine

I am neither a Mathematician nor a Numerologist.  I simply know that number nine (9) is the last or highest among the single digits.  I firmly (or may be blindly) believe in the power of nine.  It has become a habit for me to add up all the digits when I buy a bus or train ticket or get a seat allotment and so on...... Recently, when I bought a new Car, I got a number allotted - 504 (same as my flat in Premier Enclave, Manipal).

To quote a few things where nine has significance - Nava Maasa (Nine months) a mother waits to deliver a child (all of us). And then there are Nava Grahas, Nava Ratnas, Nava Dhanya, Nava Ratri (nights), Nava Randhra (in human body), and so on.....I need to study deep into this magic number called Nine.

I understand some of the influential people like Jayalalithaa and Satya Sai Baba are also strong believers of this aspect.  Recently, I came across a huge table (full page in the opening) in a book on Financial Inclusion (by Shri DT Pai) about performance of Indian Banking System from 2001 to 2009 on several parameters.

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