Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brading of TAPMI, etc...

Branding of TAPMI, etc..

It is over a year that I was handling a portfolio of Branding, etc of TAPMI, Manipal.  I was not sure as to how go about as regards, budgets, committee decisions, competition, etc.  I was just watching all these days in Faculty Meetings and Committee Discussions whenever they discuss about TAPMI as a brand.

Four months back, during summer of 2010 all the committee heads and members were announced by our Director and I continued to be the Chairman of Branding, Promotion, B-School Ranking Surveys, Website and Exteneral Communications Committee.  I have a few senior colleagues as members in the Committee.  Only last week, I called for a meeting for a comprehensive meeting but nothing concrete has come out.  We neet to deliberate about branding of TAPMI in a professioal manner.

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