Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whistle Blowers...

Whistle Blowers in Organisations

Last week, while handling a session in the Business Management Kompass 101 to Executives of Oracle, in New Delhi (NOIDA) on Accounting/Finance/Corporate Governance, I referred to Whistle Blowing in Organisations.  Thereafter, I was thinking of working more and more on this aspect but forgot.

Today, I laid my hands on wikipedia to find out something about Whistle Blowers.  In our childhood or school days, we used to call it "Who will bell the Cat?".  No doubt, it is a risky job within an organisation or society for that matter.  One should be prepared to received bouques and also brick bats for any such action.  Not always whistle blowing is appreciated or received in good sense.  Many a times, it will boom-rang on you.  But, it is our duty to work on this and do justice when you feel that some thing is not alright.

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