Friday, August 27, 2010

SBI Way or TAPMI Way?

Having read the two books IBM Way and McKinsey Way, I just got a flash thought.  Why not me too write a book - either SBI Way or TAPMI Way? 

Well, I spent over 21 years between 1971 and 1993 and learnt many things.  I made my career from a junior employee to a Senior Management Official and worked in remote rural branches, Agricultural Development Branches like Anantapur, Jangaon and Wardhannapet, District Head Quarter Branches like Masulipatnam and Sangareddy (Medak Dt), Main Branches like Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Vizag - all in Andhra Pradesh, of course and then in Regional Office-Region II, Hyderabad before landing in Central Office-Mumbai (over 8 years).  It was a wonderful grinding and learning experience, indeed. 

SBI is a great and dynamic organisation with over 10,000 branches with exposure in about 40 foreign countries, having about 3 lacs employees, a very well structured organisational set up, delegation / communication and standards.  May be because of its legacy from Imperial Bank of India (1955).  With its long past glory and history as also its wide operations, I consider myself a pigmy to even think of writing on SBI.  In the past, wizards like Amiya Bagchi wrote a few volumes on the history of the bank.

TAPMI is the second longest association I have (ten years) in my four decades career.  While SBI was a hands on experience, TAPMI being a clone of IIMs and a leading B-School from western India, catering to students from all over India.  It has its own best practices and standards.  Its students and Faculty are so dynamic and alumni are always progressing in their professional career.  Let me decide on.......

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